Service Personnel

As a facility service person you get tugged in a number of directions. Tenant service requests often have the highest priority and preventative maintenance (PM) tasks which you know are important often take a back seat.  You know it can be frustrating to receive a PM task on an arbitrary day, when you could have looked after the task at a more convenient time when you were nearby the facility or equipment in question.  

Sometimes you may wonder why you need to read the same task information over and over again, or if there is a better way to receive PM work orders and tasks.  

ProAct makes it easy for service personnel to organize and coordinate their day-to-day tasks in an efficient manner. By doing so, tasks are performed faster and duplication of efforts is avoided.  

The following are some questions that service personnel often ask.

  • Can I easily report issues that could result in major equipment failure or health and safety risks?  How do they get flagged?
  • If I am nearby a facility, can I easily see if tasks are scheduled soon so I can get them done while I am nearby?
  • I don't want to waste time reading the same task verbiage hundreds of times - can I easily tell a standard maintenance task from a special or unique one?
  • Where can I get additional information on maintenance practices for the equipment I am repairing- can I get a training video to help me perform my work?
  • How do I retrieve works order more easily, instead of scrolling through a myriad of work orders emailed to me?
  • Can I easily see a complete maintenance history and exception report on each piece of equipment?
  • Can I tell if a piece of equipment is under warranty?
  • Can I see if a piece of equipment is scheduled for replacement?
  • What equipment am I working on, when and where is it?
  • What are my service responsibilities today, this week, this month?
  • What information am I supposed to collect?