Property Management Firm

As a property manager you know that your number one priority is to manage risks and ROI on behalf of the owner. Having accurate, reliable and relevant management information and reports at your fingertips is critical to doing your job well.   

A significant part of your role is to ensure your facility is performing to your tenants' expectations.  Tenants do not like surprises such as unforeseen capital replacement assessments or disruption to the profitable enjoyment of their space. Equipment failures or improper maintenance practices can result in both of these.  

ProAct generates useful reports to help property managers ensure the proper stewardship of their facilities and to help them keep on top of the work orders and tasks necessary to manage risks and increase ROI.

As a property manager, you are concerned with three general categories of risk as shown below.

Health and Safety Liability - Financial and reputation

Using our asset management app reduces Health and Safety Risks because the proper maintenance practices are performed and documented - and they are easily retrievable at a moment's notice. Test that with your current system to see if it is being used as intended.

  • Will I be able to respond favorably, quickly and accurately during an Owner's due diligence inspection?
  • How complete and pertinent are the maintenance records - can they help defend us if an issue arises or a serious event occurs?
  • How easy is it to update standards to respond to regulatory or legal requirements?
  • How do new health and safety standards get flagged so the service people see them and respond accordingly?

major equipment failure - Capital Risk

Annual capital replacement plans should be based on an aggregate of collected facts recorded over the years - and not on a year end survey.   A maintenance system can collect this data -  but only if the system is used.   Our app design matches real-life workflow which makes using the system very easy.  The elegant design of ProAct facilitates easy record keeping and retrieval of all preventative and repair maintenance costs.

  • Can I rely on my maintenance system to flag upcoming major repair and capital replacements?
  • How easy it is for my service staff to report an issue?  How is this issue segregated from the myriads of other work orders?
  • Does my service team have to read dozens of task descriptions that are all the same? - Do they actually ready them?
  • Does my service team have what they need to understand the maintenance tasks and expectations?
  • Does my service team know what to service, when and how?
  • Does my service team use the maintenance system I have in place properly and fully?
  • How much time does my service staff waste digging up work orders from their email, or by receiving them at less than optimum times?

Labor and Operating Cost Risk

Using ProAct allows staff and contractors to perform tasks efficiently, thereby improving productivity.

  • Can my staff perform tasks when they are nearby the equipment, or must they wait for the work order to be issued even though that might be the next day?  Do my staff need to make a return trip to the location, even though they were there yesterday?
  • Does my system flag service contracts, warranty expiries and insurance renewals?
  • How are work orders issued - do they get mixed with other traffic in their email inbox?
  • Can my staff select a work order convenient to their current location when they find they have a few minutes available?
  • Do my staff have to read the tasks over and over again for each piece of similar equipment, or does my system flag variations to standards to avoid this wasted time?  How much time do they waste reading the same tasking repeatedly?  Do they even read it any more, or do they just assume it is the same standard verbiage?  How are important variations or safety warnings emphasized so they are noticed by staff?
  • How do we calculate expected energy use and identify variation? How do we identify energy consuming systems and components and provide updated energy audits for budgets and green programs?