Key Features

  • Simple to use - intuitive - minimal training needed
  • Create entire portfolio quickly - turn-key service
  • Service standards applied automatically
  • Easy to fine tune and and customize standards or apply new regulatory standards
  • Seamless integration of mobile service workers with matched work-flow
  • Manage all assets including work orders, safety measures, histories, warranties and efficiency
  • Create capital replacement plans
  • Produce a Facility Energy Profile based on Actual Equipment
  • Nothing to install, the application is delivered via a web browser - desktop and mobile
  • Service is month to month with no long-term contracts.  You can cancel at any time and take your data with you


Simplicity means the app gets fully adopted and utilized and this results in the following benefits.

  • Manage Risk of Health and Safety Events, and Capital Equipment Failure
  • Increase ROI
  • Reduce Tenant Inconvenience - Protect Tenant Satisfaction
  • Reduce Operating and Energy Costs
  • Support BOMA BEST and LEED with integrated energy audits
  • Connect your team - Connect your community of services providers and in-house staff through ProAct to professionally manage your portfolio of facilities. Know when to expect contractors on site, and exactly what service they are contracted to provide.  Benefit from warranties - service records stay with you, not the contractors
  • Contract Renewals and Documents are Scheduled
  • Include Training in Operations, Energy and Emergency Preparedness


ClearBlueBox application services run on a distributed infrastructure on the cloud.  This provides secure, reliable and scalable service which directly benefits our clients without the need for them to manage servers, software, security, back-ups, operating system updates or other IT services.   Updates to the operating systems, hardware, firewalls, encryption and security infrastructure are provided so you don't have to manage it yourself.   You can focus on your core business.